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About Us

Founded in 2006 by Nina Lieber, Goleshlee Professional is a cosmetic company that strives to reach the highest levels in the cosmetic industry. With today’s technological progress and the use of high quality ingredients, Goleshlee can exceed their goals reaching a professional level by providing services that cover the needs and desires of their customers.

With more than 25 years of experience in color and pigmentation, Nina, a hairstylist, and micro pigmentation specialist, has the explosion of interest that applies to the field of beauty. Being in the beauty field as a professional and as a woman, her first interest in colors began during art school. Nina specializes in color artistry, make-up, and cosmetology.

In today’s life, we live in a frantic world where women in our society have been expected to be individualistic and acquire enhanced responsibilities. For this reason, Nina wanted to help provide a source of alleviation to those who needed it most.

Nina’s dream was to be able to give women all over the world the ability to maintain healthy and dazzling hair without frizz or damage. Working with a variety of women for over 25 years, listening to their demands and troubles, Nina realized that their uttermost complaint was all in their hair. As a messenger for those women in desperate need of adminicular, Nina has been capable of doing so.

As a result for those who she helped, they have become more confident with themselves and were able to gain a piece of mind. Representing and instructing those who needed help, Nina reached out to the most advanced products and systems; to not only improve the look of their hair, but to give the ability of saving them time and money.

Nina believes in a system, Goleshlee Keratin Hair Therapy, which can correct without the ability of creating more impairment, which in fact drives her to deliver this message

“Beauty starts from the Inside – Out.” As her saying to all women.