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How it Works

Developed in Brazil in early 2000 Keratin is a natural protein in hair, skin, and nails. Keratin, Silicon, Quarantine, Poliqnaternium, and Collagen, protects the hair against extreme aggression such as pollution, humidity, UV, and salt water.

Traditional hair smoothing products change the molecular structure of the hair and cuts the bridges dysulfure; which is responsible for causing brittleness, dehydration, and curling of the hair. The keratin treatment strengthens the hair, making it smooth and shiny, as well as providing protection and hydration to the hair.

With Goleshlee Professional’s CocoChoco Keratin Hair Therapy and Strawberry Keratin Hair Therapy, the hair suffers less damage from aggression, producing aesthetic results and keeping its structure next to the original composition of the hair; with more of a pure natural aspect.

The Keratin Hair Therapy minimizes the need to wash the hair daily and lasts approximately 3 to 5 months, depending on how the hair is managed. It is recommended to use Goleshlee After Care Kit 1-2-3 (Shampoo, Conditioner, Keratin Mist), which will maintain the Keratin Treatment and will implement any loss of keratins in the newly treated hair.


GOLESHLEE KERATIN THERAPY® SYSTEM is targeted to treat, straighten, and improve the manageability of various types of hair: naturally curly but frizzy hair, dehydrated, damaged, and coarse hair, and hair that is lacking in vitality. GKT is not just a hair straightening system. It is entirely different from any other product available on the market place. It is designed to treat the hair from inner core, out.

GKT treated hair is full of vitality and strength. In some types of hair, simple, speedy, domestic blow drying after washing is all that is needed to maintain the hairstyle. Perfect for any bad hair day! Goleshlee Keratin treated hair looks healthy, shinny and silky smooth, in comparison to the hair straightened by any other treatments. This unique selling point empowers Goleshlee Keratin Treatment to stand out from the existing hair straightening products on the market.