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Message to our Customers

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Treatments are being performed all over the world, which is why there is a lot of salons, manufacturers, clients, consumers, and the media talking about this revolutionary technology that makes hair sleek, smooth, and healthy looking. Like any other new product, there are numerous false accusations about this product. With more than 10 Brazilian Keratin companies on the market, you have to ask yourself, “Which Brazilian Keratin product can I trust”?

There is a lot of false advertising regarding formaldehyde and the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Marketing “formaldehyde free” is a way to lure consumers to think that they are using products without any formaldehyde or fabricated substances. This is a problem for the Brazilian Keratin industry as well as the consumers who use this product. If stylists, or professionals, and their clients think that a product is “formaldehyde free”, than they may not use any safety procedures as they would with formaldehyde.

For instance, if the professional is under the assumption that their product is “Formaldehyde Free”, and applies it on a client who is allergic to formaldehyde or such compounds, then the professional is liable for the client having an allergic reaction. So therefore, the manufacturer mislead the professional, and the professional mislead the client.

Some manufacturers may not include formaldehyde in their products, however they may use ether, aldehydes, urea, or similar mixes that share the characteristics of formaldehyde or convert into a substance such as formaldehyde when heat is applied; which then becomes a form of raw unrefined formaldehyde.

To stop the confusion and exaggerations on the Brazilian Keratin Products, here is the bottom line:

Any Brazilian Keratin Product that reduces volume, maintains smooth shine, gets rid of frizz as well as damaged hair, with results lasting several months, than it would be considered to have either formaldehyde or a similar compound. However, if the Brazilian Keratin Treatment is considered to be “Formaldehyde Free”, which lasts up to 6 washes, than it can truly be considered without formaldehyde (Formaldehyde Free) or of any derivatives.

There are few Brazilian Keratin Products that are composed of Sodium Hydroxide, Guanidine Hydroxide, and Ammonium Thioglycolate, which are the basic compounds found in hair relaxers. Sodium Hydroxide, Guanidine Hydroxide, and Ammonium Thioglycolate may or may not require a pre-shampoo wash, or allow the clients to wash their hair the same day. A professional hair stylist that is well versed in chemical straightening will always test a strand of hair before applying the treatment.

We appreciate your concerns about this Brazilian Keratin Treatment and look forward on providing you with sleek, smooth, frizz free, healthy looking hair.